One Frame,
Endless Inspirations.

Your personalized e-paper art frame, designed for a distraction-free environment.

The Most Paper-like Digital Art Frame

No Light, No Distractions

Galari emits no light, just like any other non-digital interior decor. It blends into any environment and does not clamor for your attention like other digital products.

Automatically Changing

You can set Galari to update at regular intervals. Let your decor surprise you with new art every day, every hour, or every time you look up.

Thousands of Artworks

Discover a vast collection of artwork on Galari. Choose your preferred exhibits or share your preferences, and we'll craft a personalized, never-ending exhibit just for you.

What people are saying about Galari

"It creates these warm moments that make me smile throughout the day when you see something cute or unexpected on Galari."

Portrait photo of Simona S.

Simona S.

Favorite Exhibit: Cats

“I put my Galari on my desk at my coworking space. It makes my desk so original and inspired me during my work.”

Portrait photo of Thomas L.

Thomas L.

Favorite Exhibit: Photography

"Galari strikes a nice balance between being delightful but not distracting. I think it's a great gift for friends and family."

Portrait photo of Ben.

Ben F.

Favorite Exhibit: Anime

"That was digital!? I thought someone kept changing the photo!"

Portrait photo of Tomo I.

Tomo I.

Favorite Exhibit: Landmarks

Set it up once and enjoy!

Select your favorite artwork from the thousands of images and exhibits, or choose an endless exhibit and enjoy new artwork every day. Set it up once and let Galari take care of the rest.

The magic of E-Paper: easy on the eyes

E-paper, commonly used on eBooks, does not emit any light and blends perfectly into the environment. Unlike bright LCD screens that constantly demand your attention, Galari remains discreet and free of distractions.

Your Daily Information Hub

Galari is connected to the internet and can provide information like weather, time and date, and traffic. No need to fiddle with your smartphone every morning.

Use your own photos, albums, and artwork

Personalize your Galari by uploading your cherished family moments, photos from your adventures, or your creative endeavors. Create your own exhibits to share with friends and family, or the greater Galari community.

Good for the earth and your wallet

By using e-paper with our own proprietary algorithms, Galari’s electricity consumption is a small fraction of what LCD-based digital photo displays use. It is so low that you could consider it negligible. In a world of increasing energy costs, Galari is friendly to the environment and your utility bill.